First Post: 多読!

I thought I’d start this blog launch with a BANG! & why not match it up with 多読 (tadoku) Round 2.5 ? 

Basically, if you don’t know what the tadoku contest is, here is a quote from the site:

The ReadMOD contest was established to promote this least-method-like of methods.  It is extremely simple: read every day for a month, and report your pagecount; the person with the highest pagecount at the end wins eternal* fame and glory, the adulation** of the other contestants, and notably improved language skill.

Read More or Die

My reading goal is a modest 150 pages. This is my 2nd half round I’ve participated in. A half round is 2 week; full round is a month. I hope to finally meet my reading goals. I have yet to meet them but this time around I am determined! I feel like this mini round, I have the time and the resources….

…& that I would like to discuss in another blog entry. 😉 Don’t wanna dish out all the goodies in 1 post. ^^


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