Reading Manga: June Tadoku Round Reflections and Extensive Reading

Hello everyone!


Been a little over a month since the update! Things have been busy for me on the academic and work-related side. But of course, life has a funny way of changing things up…good and bad. xD I thought a 2 topic blog entry would be fitting for my lack of activity. Besides, they are directly related so win-win!

June Tadoku


Anyways, the June Tadoku round was especially fun for me! I did not hit my insane modest goal of 1000 pages but I did make reading a habit that almost effortless and natural.


The Rankings:


Let me just first congratulate Doctor_Dunlap for winning this round with a page count of 5827.09! He explains his secrets in this post. I’ll quote the TD;LR version:

So.. basically.. the secret is to read a lot.

Is it kind of driving me crazy? Yes.

Is it making me feel all kinds of nostalgic thinking about the time I skyrocketed from Intermediate to Novels-Without-A-Dictionary in one summer thanks to 多読? Yes.

Is it good for me? ….probably?  ヽ(´ー`)ノ

From <>

From the 多読の怪獣 himself!

How did I rank?

Quite terrible in comparison actually xD Here is a screenshot of my ranking below:

tadoku rank june 2016

Those are tadoku pages btw. Here is a detailed account of my activities:

tadoku table june 2016

Essentially I read the entire tadoku round using manga as my medium of choice. I had tried the #sentence tag once to see how much it differed from using the #manga tag and it wasn’t by very much. Manga is 0.2 ppp which means that in tadoku pages, it requires you hit 5 manga pages for every 1 tadoku page.

Overall, I know I could have done more but I am also proud of how much I read despite the strong laziness lol I hope to at least match, if not, exceed this page count in the August half round!


Extensive Reading: My personal Guide

For the most part, I happen to read manga digitally. Most of the time it is on my laptop like so. Occasionally I will read on my tablet (old pic)  though my reading process is not as streamlined but the methods are essentially the same.

manga reading

(Reading on my laptop)

How I Extensively Read: Manga Edition


With my handy-dandy image viewer, Honeyview, I am able to view most obscure furigana so reading is almost a breeze.

  1. Zoom into 1 page to the point where I can read (almost) everything comfortably.
  2. Then I start reading Right–>Left as I should do.
  3. There is often times where I do not know the word or even the entire sentence so I zoom out a bit and look at the pictures for context. This half the time actually helps me figure out what they might be saying 😀 If I still don’t know, I’ll do this: let it go and continue reading. If it is THAT important, it will come up again! Guaranteed!
  4. Sometimes some kanji are just too darn hard to read and even the furigana is illegible despite the zoom, so I will use Capture2Text to grab the word and add it to the small OneNote page (any word processor will do). I don’t look up the word right away but just leave it in my little Notes page to look up later. If I have a some idea as to what the blurry furigana reading is, sometimes I will attempt to type it out myself and try to get the same result. Often times I’m pretty lazy so I stick with OCR copy usually.
  5. Once I’m done with the page, I’ll go directly to the next page and click the + button on my easy counter app (Windows).
  6. Repeat for x amount of pages.


But what about the tablet version? 

manga tablet

The reading style with my tablet is a bit different due to the fact that not everything is done in one device and multitasking is a bit of a pain in this case. Hence why I hardly read on my tablet.  I use the app SideBooks – PDF&Comic viewer. I have listed in my resources section of the blog if you want more information and links to where to download it. Here are the steps I take when reading on my tablet (it’s short) :


  1. Identical to laptop.
  2. Identical to laptop.
  3. Identical to laptop.
  4. Skip! I have no way to OCR a particular word so I instead, highlight words I have trouble reading to look up later on my laptop.
  5. Essentially identical except I use a counter app on my phone called Click Counter. I don’t have the app on my tablet because I don’t want to switch between apps.
  6. Identical to laptop. Phew!


What a winded entry! I hope it gave you some ideas on how to possibly take a stab at the tadoku challenges and overall Extensive Reading. Let’s keep nihong0ing! ^_^





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