Banner art was made by Sam Jun. You can follow him on Twitter @sam_w_jun

Purpose of blog:

  • not trying to give a “silver bullet” method
  • strictly a blog about my own progress and experiences
  • hopefully giving a different perspective on language learning
  • share my love for the language
  • have fun
  • make friends
  • bounce ideas and have interesing discussions
  • learn and grow from potential friendships I make with other bloggers with similar goals and hobbies

Me as a person:

  • college student in pursuit of nursing degree
  • mid 20s
  • female
  • reside in the US…west coast/pacific time
  • avid movie/tv viewer
  • FOOD nom nom
  • Internet? YES!
  • Games….woot woot 😛

My interest in learning Japanese has been with me for several years. Ever since I was a teen in fact! I attempted to take a class my 1st year in college but being a freshman, didn’t take the class seriously and dropped it. Then many years later, around fall 2011, I decided to start learning again via college courses.

I finished the last course available spring 2013 (Japanese 104- Intermediate Japanese 2).  I felt with the college courses and some side self learning, I have gone past the “beginner” stage.  So roughly 2 years of formal study + self study on my belt.

So here I am now, in what I believe to be an “intermediate” stage. But of course this is purely subjective on my part. Everyone has their own perception of different fluency levels.


Photo Aug 08, 7 59 00 PM


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