Tadoku June 2016 Round!

June 2016 Tadoku is underway! I have decided to attempt a terrifying modest goal of 1000 pages this round. Will I be able to make it? Stay tuned at the end of the month for my reflection post on the round.

My tadoku reading material:

  • 「しろくまカフェ」Vol 1-5
  • Baby Steps Manga (39 volumes total…I will try the best I can lol)
  • “Let’s Read Japanese” Level 1, Volume 1

Sunday Seidoku


Hello everyone! Just thought I’d create a fun segment called “Sunday Seidoku”. It seems like a cute name. What does Seidoku mean? Well Seidoku (精読) means “Intensive Reading” in Japanese.


What is Intensive Reading?

      • Intensive Reading,  sometimes called “Narrow Reading”,  may  involve students reading selections by the same author or several texts about the same topic. When this occurs, content and grammatical structures repeat themselves and students get  many opportunities to understand the meanings of the text. The success of  “Narrow Reading” on improving reading comprehension is based on the premise that the more familiar the reader is with the text, either due to the subject matter or having read other works by the same author, the more comprehension is promoted.

From <http://fis.ucalgary.ca/Brian/611/readingtype.html#intensivereading>


Basically to Intensive read, one must carefully examine carefully sentences.

I have been Extensive Reading (reading without referring to a dictionary) the manga 「しろくまカフェ」vol 1, but today thought it would be a good a time as any to try to intensive read the manga. Here are the introduction pages giving a brief description of characters you will see in the manga. (WARNING: My translations will probably have errors. This is as much as a learning process for me as it is for those reading this). Just a reminder: manga is generally read right to left.

intro shirokuma



パンダ        (n) panda
しろくま     (n) polar bear (Ursus maritimus).
カフェ (n)

① cafe (fre:); coffeehouse. ② hostess bar (serving western alcoholic beverages; Taisho and Showa period); (P).

常連客        じょうれんきゃく    (n) regular customer.
ちょっと (adv)

① (uk) just a minute; short time; just a little. ② somewhat; easily; readily; rather. ③ (will not) easily; (int) ④ hey!; (P).

面倒くさがり       めんどうくさがり (n)

(uk) tending to find things bothersome; person who tends to find most things bothersome.

面倒い めんどい (adj-i) troublesome; bothersome
adj +~がり屋

to describe one’s personality. More info at Maggie Sensei

Panda: A regular customer at “Polar Bear’s Café”. He is quite a lazy person.




ペンギン (n) penguin; (P).
世話焼き せわやき

(n) bother; meddlesome person.

で        (prt) (1) indicates location of action; at; in. (2) indicates time of action. {3) indicates means of action; cause of effect; by; (conj) @ and then; so; (aux) (5) indicates continuing action; (prt) (B) (ksbz) indicates certainty, emphasis, etc.; (P).
せっかち (adj-na,n) hasty; impatient; (P).

Penguin: A regular customer at “Polar Bear’s Café”. He is easily bothered and very impatient.





(vs) ① to master; to learn; (n) ② proprietor; manager; bar-owner. ③ master (e.g. arts, science); (P).


(n) ① doing things at one’s own pace (wasei: my pace). ② doing things one’s own way; (P).

しっかり者 しっかりもの (n) person of firm character; stable person; gutsy person.

Polar Bear: He is the owner/manager of “Polar Bear’s Café”. He lives life at his own pace and is a reliable person.





(n) ① (obsc) grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis). ② brown bear (Ursus arctos).

友人       ゆうじん (n) friend; (P)

(adv) ① (uk) very; awfully; exceedingly. ② (before a negative form) (not) at all; by no means; simply (cannot).

ワイルド  (adj-na,n) wild; (P).
性格        せいかく(n) character; personality; disposition; nature; (P).

Grizzly: Polar Bear’s friend. He has a  very wild personality.


I think that is a good amount of Intensive Reading for today. An introduction is more than enough to get a feel of what the manga will bring for the reader and how the stories will turn out. I hope you enjoyed this segment of Sunday Seidoku! If you want more of this segment again, please let me know!頑張って!

Overview: Tricks of the Trade


It has been far too long since my first post (ごめんなさい)and I’m truly sorry about that. With a hectic schedule and my lack of experience having a blog…well…er enough with the wallowing. Let’s get Nihong0-ing!

It’s winter break for me so I finally have some time to catch up with good ol’ 日本語. YES!


The Plan:

To work on my listening skills (my worst skill), I will be doing a regimen based on this article I found online called  Understand Your Favourite TV Series in 30 Days but with my own modifications.

  1.  I don’t plan to use the Sub2srs Anki deck I made without watching the series RAW. Yes folks, raw! I tend to go a “go big or go home” approach from the get go. Also I feel seeing any form of subs will distract me from developing my listening skills.
  2. Based on the method broken down into days, I will be entirely be doing days 16-30 for the entire duration of the experiment.

GOAL: To not necessarily comprehend everything said, but at least get the general idea and be able to shadow sentences efficiently. Shadowing is important to me because I tend to have trouble following along in dialog without subs. Seems like they’re all going at a speed of light or slurring lol xD

To work on my grammar and vocabulary, I’ll be doing something else entirely but still using media. While the use of Sub2SRS is a popular method in the language learning community, this method I read about a few years back seems very underground and not often mentioned.

 The tools:

A tool made by balloonguy (koohii forum member)that allows users to create an interactive audiobook using srt files[1] and the audio from anime/drama/movies, etc and have them sync in unison.  The balloonguy post that changed everything (for me at least lol). It’s a great tool for shadowing.

Nest0r from koohii forums was a huge promoter of the program that she(?)[2] calls “Kage Shibari”, like the technique used by Shikamaru in Naruto.

Shadow Bind Technique (影縛りの術, Kageshibari no Jutsu)

You can read more on this blog post by Nest0r on how the method works. Controlled Shadowing with Kage Shibari (nest0r).

This seems like a super long and winded post so I will explain more in future posts!

Until then.



[1] typical files for subtitles

[2] there are forum topics that claim Nest0r as female but w/e…

First Post: 多読!

I thought I’d start this blog launch with a BANG! & why not match it up with 多読 (tadoku) Round 2.5 ? 

Basically, if you don’t know what the tadoku contest is, here is a quote from the site:

The ReadMOD contest was established to promote this least-method-like of methods.  It is extremely simple: read every day for a month, and report your pagecount; the person with the highest pagecount at the end wins eternal* fame and glory, the adulation** of the other contestants, and notably improved language skill.

Read More or Die

My reading goal is a modest 150 pages. This is my 2nd half round I’ve participated in. A half round is 2 week; full round is a month. I hope to finally meet my reading goals. I have yet to meet them but this time around I am determined! I feel like this mini round, I have the time and the resources….

…& that I would like to discuss in another blog entry. 😉 Don’t wanna dish out all the goodies in 1 post. ^^