Creating My First Sub2SRS Deck

For my “Understand Your Favourite TV Series in 30 Days” project, I’m going to be using the Japanese ドラマ 「Rich Man Poor Woman」staring with Episode 1. You can use whatever anime/drama/movie you want.

First you will need the following:

A very popular site to find subs for Asian dramas would be here: They used to have torrents for dramas too but that has been recently taken away so you will have to look elsewhere. Google is your friend folks. There are plenty of other places you can download Japanese media.

After you have gathered the necessary tools, follow the directions used in How to Use Sub2SRS

If done correctly, you should end up seeing a new popup of the potential deck like so if you pressed “Preview” like I did.

sub2srs preview

This is a screenshot of the preview of my deck. I tried to deactivate some cards based on the fact they were either 1 word cards (useless really) or not even words…like background music -_- I don’t need any of that. I got lazy so I didn’t look through the entire potential deck. I think it will be easier deleting as I encounter them in reviews.

Anyways, once you check the preview, click the Go! Button and the program will do its magic! Follow step from Importing into Anki 2:

anki deck name This is what my deck looks like after importing the file into Anki 2.

deck q Opening the deck and it shows my first question. The original first question was just a labelling of the format of all cards. Just delete that like the directions from the website instructs you to.

deck aHere is the answer revealed. But I plan to edit it so that I only hear the audio sentence on the Front/Question side and remove the Japanese dialog. Instead, I plan to add the Japanese dialog on the Back/Answer side with the English subs.  I’m only changing it this way because I am trying not to rely on the dialog and work on my listening skills. I start the editing process by pushing the Edit button surrounded by the red box.

It will takes me to this area and I then push the Cards… button highlighted in red.

edit cards

I then highlighted the last line from the “Front Template”, copied and deleted it from that area. I pasted the same line into the “Back Template” section.

copy deletepaste

See? 🙂 Then click close and continue reviewing. YAY!

Now this is my new Q & A format.

new q and a

That’s pretty much the setup! I don’t plan to study of this deck UNTIL I have seen the episode. I want to actually enjoy the story, ya know 😛

The next entry I plan to post will be the process of using Kage Shibari. & please, don’t hesitate to give your thoughts and opinions!

Let’s keep Nihong0-ing! ^^